Competency Framework

Community branding strategy and campaign

Lots of communities enjoy a globally-loved brand, however sometimes this brand is narrowly defined and not necessarily conducive to recruiting new residents and businesses. If community’s brand is not broadened and corrected, it will remain a constraint to future business development and residential growth. How to brand, or re-brand your community? How to build a branding strategy, plan, and execute a community branding campaign? We will explore these questions from different corners coming up with solutions which put some communities ahead in the competition.

Programs for attracting investors to the region

Businesses are growing in a place, or relocating to a place, where it’s possible to build a business from the ground up, take a company to the next level of growth or pursue professional goals while leading a full and interesting life.Approachingthis issues from each stakeholder’s point of view, how community builds and supports such capital - attractive ecosystem? In this course we offer clear cut real-life solutions which will inspire your further thinking.

Programs for attracting talent to the region

 Some pioneer cities had launched Economic Development Ambassadorship Programsthat provide in-depth insight into the work of growing and diversifying the city’s economy. How these unique tools for attracting talent and capital to the community looks like, who participate, who is responsible for the implementation, how it works and what are the results? In this course you will be challenged to see community marketing and attraction though the prism of public diplomacy.

Programs for helping local business to grow

Small businesses are the driving force of each economy and provide necessary resources for local residents. Communities are committed to aiding their small business owners in growing and expanding their ventures.They reach this goals developing programs for local growth. How such programs engage anchor institutions along with larger corporate entities and public agencies to create quality opportunities for small business owners? Additionally, how communities assist emerging business owners with access to local insight and resources to facilitate capacity-building and growth in their ventures? How small business professionals provide assistance toneighborhood business organizations and stakeholders of commercial corridors and other distressed areas of cities?


Programs for workforce development

Ensuring that company recruits the best employees and provide continuous training for them to meet ever-changing industry demands is essential for success. Community’s goal is to prepare, attract and retain the talent that will encourage economic development and help achieve community’s vision to reposition itself as the next great city for business investment, quality of life and economic opportunity. In this course we introduce numerous programs aiming to create the systemic change that will benefit community’s current and future talent needs. Additionally, we will focus on programs helping colleges and universities to coordinate efforts with community leaders and produce highly skilled workforce ready to help grow local business. 

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